Beauty – Lush Shoot For The Stars Review

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, then you may already know that I used my Shoot for the Stars bath bomb, from my last Lush haul, the other night. I loved it so much that, after my bath, I went straight onto the Lush Cosmetics iPhone app to see how much it would cost me to restock. I hadn’t realised that it was actually a Christmas product though, not until @LushLtd replied to my panicked and confused tweet about being unable to find it on the website! Absolutely gutted! But, like the Lush tweeter said in her reply, Christmas will be round again soon enough.


I felt so relaxed and content after I got out of my gorgeous blue, glittery bath, right up until I was in bed and asleep (a good 3-4 hours later)! As you can see from the photos (I’ll be letting them do most of the talking), it made some beautiful effects in the water, almost like an actual sky full of stars.




After I’d let some of the water out of the bath and refilled with more warm water twice, I was eventually ready to get out of the bath. My skin was so glittery, which is something I always love and wish it stuck around for a little bit longer (or more like forever). The bath was coated in the same gorgeous gold glitter which, unfortunately, I had to wash away for the benefit of my Mum and brother; I don’t think they’d appreciate glittering skin in the same way I do.





I dried off straight away and smothered myself in my absolute favourite Sanctuary White Lily & Damask Rose Body Lotion. Bath bomb + Sanctuary body lotion + cup of tea = best sleep ever! Thank you Lush! I can’t wait for this to come back in stock so I can get my hands on Shoot For The Stars again!


What are your favourite Lush bath bombs? What other Lush products should I try?


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