Lifestyle – 18 Goals for 2018

I think I’ve definitely left it as late as acceptably possible to write this post. I wasn’t planning on doing this kind of New Years resolution post this year. I kind of thought it was a bit too much of a cliche and, in previous years when I’ve not been blogging, I’ve never really bothered with making resolutions. I’m a strong believer in making changes, wherever and whenever. I don’t agree with “starting diets on monday” or “starting back to the gym on next month”. Procrastination sets you up to fail right from the get go so I just try not to allow myself to do it at all and, as Nike say, “Just Do It”. With that philosophy, I feel like I’m much more likely to succeed in whatever it is I’m wanting to do.

BUT, over the first couple of weeks this year I’ve read sooo many different versions and variations of these kinds of posts and I came across the idea of “18 Goals for 2018” from a fellow blogger – Thoughts From Jasmine – in a blogging group on Facebook. I really love the idea of this, so I have decided to write my own 18 Goals for 2018. (And technically it’s not New Year anymore so I’m still going along with my Just Do It philosophy… Ha!

1. Start & Complete My Bridal Specialist Hair and Makeup Artist Course This one is a biggie for me this year. Taking this course is step one towards building my own career and I couldn’t be more excited about it. (Although part of that excitement is definitely nerves.)

2. Work In The IndustryFollowing on from number one, this goal is quite a broad one. 2018 will be my first full year out of full time education and the first year I will really have to start supporting myself 100%. I’m currently a waitress and barmaid in a local country pub. By the end of this year, I would love to be working in the makeup industry whether that is taking clients, working in retail or in a salon. There are so many possibilities and this year is all about gaining experience and building my skills! 


3. Pass My Driving Test – I’ve been taking driving lessons on and off since I was 18. Over the past few months I’ve really knuckled down and got on with it and I’m now closer than ever to being ready for my test.  In two weeks I will be turning 21 so I really want to get it done some time soon! Also, this will go hand in hand with my goal of working in the beauty industry as I may have to start travelling to clients.

4. Keep Singing Some of you might know that before I started this blog and started to take makeup much more seriously (if makeup can really be called a serious thing) I was auditioning for drama schools. I wanted to study a degree in musical theatre and was training full time in singing, acting and dancing at The Jill Clewes Academy for Theatre Arts. I still have one singing lesson a week as I don’t want to give up completely. I recently took my Grade 8 Musical Theatre exam and came out with a distinction!


5. Keep Fit – As a result of my full time dance training, I was incredibly fit. Since I stopped training at The Academy, my fitness level has definitely gone down. At first, I was disappointed about that but it has been pointed out to me that it is not necessary for me to be as fit I was back then for my lifestyle now; as a musical theatre performer it was so important for me to look after my body to prevent illness/injury. Of course, that is still important, but I’ve recently lost sight of it a little. I would love to get back into an exercise routine; doing some dance or yoga classes again as a hobby, maybe start going to a gym, doing some outdoor running again (I’ll be waiting for the warmer months to arrive before that happens though) and eating the right foods to assist my regime. 

6. Be More Relaxed With My Blogging Schedule  When I restarted blogging at the end of 2017, I got myself caught up in schedules and posting a certain number of times per week. I think this made the quality of what I was writing go down. This year I want to be more relaxed with schedules and know that if I’m lacking inspiration one day, I don’t HAVE to find something to panic post. This post was actually meant to be going up yesterday. However, I got a call from my boss asking me to come back into work for the evening shift and, as I’m really in need of extra hours at the minute, I said yes. So off I went and this post had to wait. That’s goal #6 already in action, haha!

7. Attend Some Makeup/ Blogging Events – I’ve never been to any of these types of events before but I hear so much about them on other peoples blogs and social media. I’d love to attend a few this year to see what the experience is like. It will give me some exciting topics to cover on Look Diaries this year!


8. Read 3 Books This is such a typical goal. It seems to be on almost everyone’s list of resolutions every year! I know three books doesn’t seem like a lot, but I’ve previously set the goal of five and failed. Shocking, I know. Choosing a more easily achievable goal seemed like a sensible idea. Once January is gone and we’re all getting our heads down and stuck into whatever is ahead of us in what’s left of 2018 (It’s already going fast!) it’s hard to take a step back, breathe and relax. I used to read soooo many books when I was younger and it’s such a shame I’ve lost that!

9. Always Carry Three Books With Me  I don’t mean three reading books! This year, I would like to always carry with me the book I am currently reading, my 2018 diary and my blogging ideas notebook. Hopefully, carrying these three things with me at all times will help me be more organised as I can jot down blog ideas, draft some posts or read a chapter of my book whenever I get a spare minute and always know when and where I need to be next.

Photo Boards

10. Wear My Glasses More Often As I am short sighted, I need glasses for activities like reading, writing, watching TV or using computers. My problem is, I can see fine without them. Obviously not 100% fine or I wouldn’t need them at all. Not wearing them when I should causes unnoticable strain on my eyes so sometimes it will give me a bit of a headache. I really need to be more strict with myself about wearing them; my only excuse is not bothering to go and get them when I need them, as well as probably not knowing where they are. I’m not even wearing them now!

11. Spend Less Time Working & More Time With My Family & Kyle  At the minute I am picking up every shift available at work and every additional hour to add onto my shifts here, there and everywhere. I need to do this to pay for my makeup course in April. As soon as that is over, yes I will still need to work and support myself but there won’t be so much pressure to earn a certain amount before a deadline. As soon as I have paid for my course I would like to spend more time with my family and my boyfriend, Kyle, without knowing I need to rush off to work an evening shift at the pub. 

12. Meet With My Friends More Often Similarly, I NEVER make time to see my friends at the minute. I have lost touch with so many friends from school and college, just through them being away at university and me working. Me and my best friend Charlie didn’t even meet up once whilst she was back from London over the Christmas break. How bad is that!?

13. Be Good With My Savings As I said above, in order to pay for my makeup course in April, I’m working every available hour and putting every penny I earn towards the course fees. Once that is over, I really want to get back into putting money in a savings account to use in the future. I’m sure Future Beth will thank Present Beth for it!

14. … But Don’t Put Every Penny Into My Savings  Equally, I don’t want to be putting absolutely everything into my savings like I am doing for my course at the minute. I still want to relax, have fun and do things! Whatever those things might be…

15. Travel I would like to visit a place I’ve never been before. Whether that is abroad or in the UK, for a week, a weekend or even just a day. Just before Christmas we went for a weekend in London as Kyle had never been before! There are so many places I’ve never seen and that needs to change!

16. Refresh My Wardrobe At the minute, my wardrobe is probably 95% plain black clothing; when you train in performing arts you are often required to wear ‘rehearsal blacks’. Yep, black clothes are always useful and we all know the little black dress is a classic. But I would really like to get rid of anything I don’t wear and declutter the storage I have in my room.

17. Do Something Different & Spontaneous I am a planner, a faffer and a massive overthinker. I want to try and break these habits this year by doing something a little spontaneous like maybe get another ear piercing or a little tattoo… things which I’ve considered before but either overthought to the point where I think myself out of doing it or think so much that I get bored of the idea!

18. Have Fun & Stay Calm – don’t get overwhelmed once we’re in the midst of 2018  I have so many exciting things planned for this year. Whilst it’s hopefully going to be a lot of fun, it could also get pretty hectic and stressful at times. My eighteenth goal is to keep a cool head and stay calm throughout all these stressful periods in order to make the most of every single opportunity and experience.

So that’s it, my 18 Goals for 2018. I have so many more, smaller goals, but these are some of the main ones. I look forward to reflecting on this post in December to see how well I stuck to them. Hopefully, I will have achieved everything I set out to do this year!

What are your goals and resolutions for this year? Have you stuck to them all so far? Let me know in the comments!


6 Replies to “Lifestyle – 18 Goals for 2018”

  1. These goals seem great, i did a post just explaining that i am going to start off with a few little goals, and add more throughout the year, as long term goals tend to overwhelm me, which you cant do because of number eighteen, ey. I wish you the best for your goals!

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  2. Hahaa no I can’t let mine overwhelm me! 🙈😂 i decided I am taking control this year 💪🏻 I’ll definitely have a look at yours in a bit when I get chance! ☺️ xx

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