My Christmas Gifts – No7 Illuminated Make Up Mirror Review

One of my Christmas presents from my Mum this year was the No7 Illuminated Makeup Mirror. Since I’ve started to take makeup a lot more seriously over the last few months since leaving The Academy, this really was the perfect gift for me this Christmas. (Thanks Mum!) I also received a small selfie light which attaches to my iPhone and a Selfie Ring Light from my brother. (Thanks Sam! Even though I don’t think you’ve ever read my blog, or ever will ha ha!) I can’t decide if getting so many selfie related gifts makes me vain or what… moving on. Kyle was so relieved when I told him what I’d received, as he’d been trying to get me the same kind of mirror but hadn’t been able to get his hands on one. I’m clearly very lucky to have so many people who want to get me gifts which I will really love and enjoy.

Now, back to the No7 Illuminated Makeup Mirror, available from Boots. My mirror is double sided; one side shows a normal reflecting mirror and the reflection on the other side is magnified five times. I use the normal side of the mirror more often than the magnified side for makeup application, but I have found that the magnified side is amazing for more delicate or intricate things like winged eyeliner or plucking my eyebrows.


I’ve decided the best place for my mirror is on my dressing table in my bedroom at the minute. My room desperately needs decorating, so this is more of a temporary home for the mirror. I don’t have a problem with the fact the mirror needs to be plugged in at all; I just wish I had a better place for the wire to be so it doesn’t stand out so much. But that’s such a tiny thing and it’s my only complaint!

Being the latest model of No7’s Illuminated Mirror, it has a ball joint (talking in human anatomy terms because I don’t know the correct mechanical lingo) connecting the mirror to the stand. This gives the mirror a swivelling motion, allowing you to choose from several different angles, rather than just selecting one of the two illuminated sides.

The second feature of the mirror’s latest model is the dimmer switch. This is so useful for adjusting to your preferred brightness, or the brightness required in your setting i.e. the brightest setting is great for applying makeup early in the morning or in the evening. Although saying that, I don’t think I’ve ever used anything other than the brightest setting, even in broad daylight!


As some of you will know, I love musical theatre, singing acting and dancing so any mirror with lights around it is a winner in my eyes. It satisfies the diva/ drama queen in me!


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