Beauty – Mizon Pore Clearing Volcanic Mask

Last night I decided my skin needed a little bit of care. Over the last few days I’ve been a bit lax with my skincare routine and even went to sleep with makeup on the previous night; something I’d absolutely never normally do! So, as a result, I picked out my Mizon Pore Cleaning Volcanic Mask from my little draw of tricks in my dressing table.

I ordered this mask from Beauty Bay a few months before Christmas and last night was the third time I used it. The writing on the tube says the mask “absorbs excessive sebum and skin wastes to tighten pores”. For me, that was exactly the kind of treatment my skin needed after the lack of attention I’d been giving it, especially the sleeping in makeup!

IMG_9850 (Edited)

Before applying the mask, I used my St. Ives apricot face scrub with a flannel and warm water, followed by my Clinique cleanser and my brand new Foreo LUNA mini which I will be posting about soon!


After washing away any leftover face scrub and cleanser with the warm flannel, I patted my face dry and applied the mask. Just three minutes into wearing the mask, I already had that oh so satisfying feeling of the product tightening on my face.

10 minutes later I was ready to wash the mask off with my flannel and more soothing warm water. I’ve got to say, as gross as it is, I could actually feel the impurities and dirt that had been cogesting my pores as I washed it all away!


My face was slightly red after I’d finished washing. That didn’t surprise me though as I had given it quite a tough treatment with using the St. Ives scrub as well as the mask. To finish my mini facial, I used a cotton pad to sweep my favourite Clinique 3 Clarifying Lotion (toner) once over my face and neck and then smoothed moisturiser over the same areas. Currently, I’m using Garnier Moisture Matte+ as I ran out of my favourite Clinique one a few months ago and can’t afford to buy more at the minute! My Garnier substitute is not a good dupe by a long stretch but it will do for now! (I talk more about the three Clinique products I’ve mentioned here.)

So that was it for my bedtime skin treatment last night! I would definitely recommend this mask, especially if like me you have oily skin which gets easily congested. You can buy it from BeautyBay here for ยฃ18. It’s 100% worth the buy as you don’t need a lot of product per use and only needs to be used once every 1-2 weeks or just as often as you think your skin needs it.

Have you used anything like this before? I’d love to hear from you all in the comments if you have any recommendations of products to try. Don’t forget to like and follow if you liked this post!

IMG_9850 (Edited)


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