Blog – First Post of 2018!

Wow, okay! So this is my first post of 2018. (Merry belated Christmas and Happy belated New Year to you all!) I can’t actually believe it has been over a month since I last posted on the 2nd December. I’ve just been so crazily busy at my restaurant job over the Christmas and New Year period – I even worked Christmas Day – that any time I did have to spare had to go to my family, boyfriend and friends. As well as that, I went away for a weekend in London to celebrate my boyfriend, Kyle’s, Birthday and did my Grade 8 Musical Theatre exam (in which I got a distinction!). So much was going on all in the one month!

Despite that, I had a really lovely Christmas at home with my family and my boyfriend, Kyle, and then the two of us spent New Years Eve at my house watching Harry Potter and drink G & Ts with lime slices (made by me because I’m the only bartender out of the pair of us…. haha!).

Although, how it has taken me until the 8th day of the new year to get back up to date and on track with blogging is beyond me. I think I was just so out of the swing of things. But anyway, now I’m happy to be back up and running, and with lots of exciting things to offer this year as there’s so much going on!

My first few posts of the year are going to be based on some of the amazing and gorgeous gifts I received for Christmas this year. After that, my rapidly approaching 21st Birthday will be just around the corner so I’m hoping to get some posts up showing the things I get up to, to celebrate.

Once the excitement of my 21st has worn off, I won’t be so far off starting my makeup course with the DFMA Makeup Academy in April! I’ll be posting about my prep for that and possibly my plans afterwards as well.

In between all of these events and opportunities, I’ll still be trying to work on my usual makeup and beauty posts as well as balancing my job at the restaurant and social life as well; pretty hectic! But that’s exactly the way I like it.

Thanks for reading this short post, I hope you’re looking forward to the upcoming events as much as me!


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